About Us

aceto is an Italian restaurant owned by a local vinegar brewery,

aiming to promote Tango area

aceto opened in July 2017, and our ambition is to stimulate the local Tango area through the keyword ‘food’.

Our main business is a vinegar brewery, with a history of over 120 years. The current owner, Akihiro Iio, is of the fifth generation.

We are the only vinegar brewery in Japan which conducts the entire process from cultivating rice, brewing sake, and making vinegar completely by ourselves. We use only pesticide-free rice grown in Tango, and our uncompromising attitude towards vinegar production has received extremely high evaluation from both Japanese sushi chefs and chefs based overseas, from as far afield as Paris and San Francisco.

Tango is well known, due to Amanohashidate, or the ‘Bridge to Heaven’, one of Japan’s three most beautiful sights. As a local company, we decided to promote Tango through food, and so to attract people to visit this stunningly beautiful area. 

By implementing this project, we intend to make Tango a place where people gather from all over the world, revelling in its delicious food which is created from rich local ingredients.

People are often surprised to hear that Kyoto is a prefecture that has a coast bordering the sea. Although it is a part of Kyoto, Miyazu city is 2 hours away from Kyoto station by train, in peaceful and idyllic countryside surrounded by mountains and the ocean.

Clean water, rich soil and a climate with extreme temperature differences makes for high quality rice and vegetables. The Tango area is also famous for `Taiza crab’, a winter delicacy, which is exceptionally delicious and incredibly rare. Other seafood includes the highly sought after yellowtail fish, as well as Japanese egg cockles, a type of shellfish that is highly regarded. In addition, the variety of locally grown rice, and vegetables such as Manganji pepper, as well as meat from the wild — wild boar and venison — are widely available, and mean that the Tango area is a great place for foodies.

For those who would like to imbibe with their food, Tango is home to more than 10 Japanese sake breweries of incredible quality!

With these abundant and fresh local ingredients, we provide our customers with a culiniary variety that they will simply not be able to enjoy in urban cities.

Of course, it’s not only about food.

We would also like you to enjoy the incredible nature, atmosphere and the warmth of the people of Tango. Most tourists who come to Japan rightly visit the ancient capital of Kyoto, and indeed this spectacular city should never be missed. But we believe that a short trip to Tango will show you the ‘real’ Japan. If you are a foodie, it’s not to be missed!